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Why to choose us?

Who we are and what we stand for?

STC AV / IT has been proudly serving north Southeast Region and Georgia since 1995. Located in Atlanta Ga., our team strives to live up to its reputation as a leader in the audio video industry. With a passion for keeping up-to-date on all the latest digital platforms and IT information, STC is equipped to handle audio video needs of all sizes.

We understand that incorporating quality systems is a large and confusing job for many business-owners and organization directors. Rather than forcing our customers to make difficult decisions, we are proud to offer the best in consultation and design services. We step forward to help our clients by developing a specific plan that incorporates forward thinking and goes beyond their individual needs before installing the systems and providing complete service. Our one-on-one consultation and design help to ensure that your audio and video package will meet your business needs.

What sets us apart?

  • Our goal is to do the job right the first time, every time.
  • Our culture is completing the projects on time and within budget
  • We aim to go above and beyond in all that we do.
  • We provide CISCO based network infrastructure for router, switches and WI-FI
  • We provide database analysis with the implementation of data storage and security
  • We PM process throughout the entire project.

With our complete services, we work to remove the confusion of technology and related equipment. We are providing the infrastructure and backbone of AV systems on internet base wire and wireless network backbone. With network devices like routers, switches that exist on internet protocol system, ensuring uptime and data security are essential today.

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Our Team

At STC AV / IT, our team is dedicated to meeting all your video and audio needs. Our team is certified by various manufacturer in a different area of expertise, providing STC with the necessary talent to be a full-scale system integration company. We can take your project from the start line to completion thanks to our video and audio personnel who fully understand the ins and outs of audio video. But we know more than just that; our team is also knowledgeable about the necessary devices that are required in today’s internet and network infrastructure. We integrate our consultation ability with the right equipment and a strong understanding of network and wireless solutions to present a spectacular result.

About the owner-

With over 34 years of experience in the Technology field and 24 years as the Chief Information Officer and Senior  Engineer of Design Implementation at STC AV locate in Atlanta Georgia George L Seldon has the experience and team to manage and lead projects successfully.

Mr. Seldon’s achievements have included design, build, and he has provided technical support for some of the top corporations within the United States. As the CIO at STC he has guided, engineers and built some of most successful Audio Video projects up to this day. His forward think and passion for this industry are one of the benchmarks of STC success.

Mr. Seldon’s background in the Army Aviation field laid the foundation for quality and strong work ethics that transcends through the employee and staff at STC AV.

Mr. Seldon and STC AV are establishing protocols, policies, and procedure in the devolving of interactive AV design while understanding the risk tolerance within the AV manufacturers that ensure accountability and moves STC AV to the forefront in the AV market.

With a strong emphasis on integration of  AV Technology, that combination intelligent Networks that establish communication of devices, Internet protocol with a strong an emphasis with Data Security, WI-FI access for mobile and portable devices that can manage complex AV media system with extreme reliability and easy use. The process is ensuring the client confidence of  the client AV media system to deliver a wide range of information for the clients objective and goals.

Mr. Seldon is a graduate of Keller School of Management: Deans List /Honors/Cum Laude:

  • Master of Science in Project Manage with emphasis on Information System
  • Grad Certificate in Project Management
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Network and Communication with emphasis on CISCO
  • Diploma in Electronic Engineer
  • Certificate CISCO CCNA

Industry Certifications: EXTRON, ATLONA, KRAMER, YAMAHA, DIGO, ISD, BIAMP QSC just to name a few.